Safety Officer – Al Fanar – Saudi Arabia

For creating, maintaining and improving safety in the workplace, ensuring that the company adheres to all legislations related to fire safety, safe operation of machinery and equipments, noise, hazardous substances, occupational health and environmental health etc.

1. Advise the manager on contractual and legal safety requirement relative to the development of our organization.
2. Provides general counsel, guidance, and direction to the foreman and employees.
3. Ensure that effective procedures are adopted to obtain safety requirements.
4. Carry out daily inspection to see that only safe work methods are in operation, that health and safety requirements are being observed and that welfare and first aid facilities are adequate and properly maintained. Inspection on all safety equipments( Fire extinguisher, Gas detector, Fire Pumps, Fire Alarm Control Panel, Safety Harness & PPE etc)
5. Do his best to prevent injury to personnel, damage to plant and equipment, fires and suggest ways to improve existing work methods.
6. Determine the case of any accident or dangerous occurrence and recommend means of preventing recurrence.

7. Conduct weekly safety meeting with workers and keep the records of weekly safety meetings on site with subject and attendance and Provide training for new personnel who come to platform for the first time.
8. Keep the recording and analysis of information on injuries, damages and production loss after investigating of all injuries.
9. Attend job progress meetings where safety is an item on the agenda. Assist in the training of employees at all levels.
10. Check availability of first aid supplies.
11. Check availability of transportation for delivery of injured workers to clinic or hospital.
12. Issue of work permits according to the work in progress
13. On a DAILY basis:
Monitor and assessing hazardous and unsafe situations
Walk around daily site inspections, daily checking of fire Pump and Pump house, Fire Extinguishers.
Monitoring of PPEs employees whether they are used in proper way and in Proper Working Environment. Instructing employees safety awareness activity on daily basis.
To prevent from all personal Damage occurrences. However we must take one step further by seeking to a minimize level and control all unsafe conditions.
Preventive Measures for fire Hazards
Work place assessment
Hazard Reporting
Spill Control Procedures
Safe House keeping procedures
3+ years experience
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