Senior Associate Market Risk – Jeddah – Islamic Development Bank

This role is responsible for identifying, measuring, monitoring, and reporting counterparty and market risks in ICD’s liquidity management and funding operations. Conduct a range of activities in the monitoring of market, counterparty and operational risks related to ICD’s liquidity management and funding operations. Develop and maintain reporting and analytical tools for treasury market and counterparty risk management. Work within general policies and objectives, working directly with treasury and funding for critical tasks.

Actively assess and monitor counterparty and market risks in ICD’s liquidity management and funding operations to ensure compliance with Board approved treasury risk management and asset and liability management policies
Review and formulate risk management policies and ensure that appropriate systems, procedures, limits and guidelines are in effect to implement those policies.
Identify, monitor and report market and counterparty risk exposures arising from treasury liquidity management and funding operations.
Monitor changes of counterparties’ credit ratings, undertake credit researches and analyses, review requests for new counterparty and limit.
Promote the application of best practice risk analytics to measure and monitor risk exposures in treasury liquidity management and funding operations.
Prepare regular management reports on the risk exposures and performance of treasury liquidity management and funding operations

Assess and monitor aggregate risks in ICD’s liquidity portfolios and ensure compliance with various portfolio risk limits, including single counterparty limit, country limit, average risk rating requirement, and duration limit

Ensure active and continuous risk monitoring of the liquidity management operations and identify and prepare action plans for policy and risk limit breaches
Assist in assessing, monitoring, and reporting ICD’s ALM, liquidity, and capital adequacy positions and compliance with Board approved policies

Implementation of and compliance with risk policies and procedures
Comprehensiveness and timely submission of relevant reports to senior management
Timely resolution of risk queries by departments/ divisions

Qualifications & Languages ::
Bachelor or Master degree in finance, economics, mathematics, or related fields.

Professional Certification in Risk Management will be an advantage.

Strong verbal and written communication skills – English is a must
Other region-specific language skill requirements to be determined basis geographic orientation

Work Experience:: 7 – 9 years of experience with leading international or regional banks or multilateral development banks in market risk or treasury role.

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