REL HSE Coordinator – Siemens AG

The Mission:
The Position holder will assist in all matters of developing and implementing Consortium HSE system, which includes planning, technical support, reporting and record keeping for REL scope of works. Liaison between REL installation & commissioning teams on site, either own teams or belonging to subcontractors, and overall Siemens HSE team

What are my responsibilities?
Ensures project HSE requirements are incorporated into processes and procedures by installation & commissioning teams.
Participates in meetings with overall Siemens HSE team, project team members, and contractors/subcontractors to advice of project-specific mitigation plans, HSE training program, and technical reports.
Supports overall Siemens HSE teams in their monitoring and inspection activities in what concerns REL teams.
Produces REL information for the consolidated performance reporting and ad-hoc HSE reporting as defined in the project
Coordinates and reviews all REL HSE documentation

What do I need to qualify for this job?
Technical Education or equivalent qualification from reputable university
First work experience as HSE coordinator in construction projects
Proven track record / experience in working in highly demanding project environments
Skills in the use of personal computers and HSE dedicated reporting and software tools
Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English language

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