Manager – Partnership Divison – Jeddah – Islamic Development Bank

Role Purpose:
To provide leadership and operational oversight for the Partnership Division, set and deliver objectives for the division in-order to enable IDB to achieve its partnership goals, and take the needed operational decisions.
To participate in the formulation/development of the IDBG strategy for making alliances and partnerships.
Participate in relevant seminars, meetings and forums to network with potential partners and enhancing IDBG’s visibility.
Acts as a focal point to enhance synergies with key internal and external stakeholders.
To forge and oversee technical and financial partnerships aiming to leverage and maximize co-financing and support the implementation of development activities of the Bank

Key Accountabilities and Activities:
Strategy Implementation and Operational Planning
Develop strategic plans to integrate operational requirements with longer-term partnership goals
Contribute to the preparation of the Bank’s strategy, assistance framework, operational plan and work program, as they relate to Partnership (e.g., general policy guidance in pursuance of the Sustainable Development Goals and “Developing a Global Partnership for Sustainable Development”)
Takes charge and responsibility of generating resources for IDBG’s strategic planning initiatives
Participate in development and implementation of the CID strategy in support of IDBG’s goals and in response to emerging trends or client/customer needs
Develop, implement and monitor the Partnership Division’s business plans, KPIs, budgets and objectives
Identify opportunities and champion initiatives that enable the Division to increase its impact or to deliver innovative services
Ensure the Partnership Division works effectively and proactively across IDB Group and externally to ensure the delivery of joint services/results that meet IDBG’s interests and for knowledge sharing.

Partnership Development an Management
Build and nurture mutually beneficial high impact internal and external partnerships
Interact with strategic partners, encourage setting of common goals and cross sharing of strengths/capabilities with internal/external partners towards mutual enhancement of results and achieving common purposes.
Serve as a focal point for major development partners (e.g., Coordination Group, IFIs and MDBs, UN system, regional and international organizations, and bilateral agencies), and represent the Bank in regional and international forums
Lead the establishment of new and strengthen current collaborations, alliances and partnerships with other Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), banking and financing institutions, governments and non-governmental organizations to continue their engagement in IDBG projects
Negotiate Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) and Agreements between the IDB Group and International Institutions, Intergovernmental, Regional and National Organizations and NGOs in the areas related to promoting cooperation and development of the IDB Group, with close coordination with the concerned Departments
Oversee organization and coordination of forums, road shows, seminars including development of program/agenda and logistical and marketing support
Follow-up, control and monitor the implementation of the Partnership strategy and evaluate its effectiveness in forging and maintaining IDB partnerships
Supervise development and management of a global database of IDB development partners and prospects to be utilized by IDB as a growth tool
Encourage innovative partnership mechanisms aiming to leverage additional financial and technical resources.

Research and Analysis
Act as coach to the team and facilitate research works/initiatives and comment on the related research areas
Lead provision of analysis and advice on the global development partnership structure/agenda
Lead development and maintenance of a database for the potential sources of information and research
Keep abreast of the latest researches, databases, tools and information available in the related areas
Maintain and ensure compliance of all research policies and practices including authentication of data sources, validity, confidentiality, reliability etc.
Lead the research of partnerships good practices and latest developments in other Multilateral Development Banks (MDB) and the private sector
Establish measurement and benchmarking mechanisms with other MDBs for relevant advocacy and partnership development schemes
Ensure continuous dissemination of information on partnership activities of the Bank and other related information to all partners & stakeholders, with the aim of ensuring their engagement and building awareness of all current projects and “success stories”
Master comprehensive research for identification of new partners based on pre-determined criteria highlighted in CID policy.

Relationship Management & Representation
Is aware of the business context, objectives and needs of potential partners
Facilitate partnership for financial resource mobilization through co-financing with bilateral and multilateral financial institutions and aid agencies;
Take part in selected project identification and preparation missions; monitor and assess performance on resource mobilization
Ensure support to Country Programs and Sector Departments in marketing partnership opportunities with existing as well as prospective development partners for country, regional and thematic operations and programs
Initiate and encourage initiatives to attract partners/co-financiers to participate in the IDBG’s new and existing programs and maximize leveraging of co-financing
Oversee establishment of effective partnerships with private sector in order to mobilize private sector, corporate sector and in-kind contributions to support IDBG Programs
Lead the efforts aimed to launch and attract partners and stakeholders to new initiatives and special programs of the Bank.
Consulting / Advisory
Act as key person and knowledge-based and an advisory focal point to initiate new and strengthen existing partnership and engage all internal IDB Group stakeholders as required
To provide up-to-date information/advices on the partnership terms and conditions of the other financial/technical partners
Act as a source of information and organizational memory of the Bank on partnership activities
Coordinate and recommend IDB’s possible roles and positions on the relevant bilateral and multilateral partnership agenda
Supervise the preparation of the Partnership component of the Member Country Partnership Strategy (MCPS) through participation in the preparation process and discussions of MCPS.
People Management
Effectively unify multiple teams towards a common goal and promote a culture of collaboration through enabling systems and processes
Acts as a coach to the Partnership Division’s team and facilitates group and individual learning
Set and cascade divisional goals and defines performance standards for the team
Track and utilize the defined KPIs and targets to drive efficiencies
Generate commitment, motivation and enthusiasm to the Partnership Division goals, and guide the Division members through periods of change or uncertainly
Provide clear direction, prioritise tasks, assign and delegate responsibility and monitor the workflow
Plan, manage and review individual performance and provide regular feedback, development and coaching, taking prompt action where necessary
Provide opportunities for Division members to suggest, participate in and contribute to improvement, innovation and knowledge sharing initiatives
Ensure the Partnership Division comply with IDB’s policies, processes, practices and systems.
Knowledge Sharing & Innovation
Create platforms for sharing knowledge and information between IDB and its potential partners/internal teams/stakeholders on partnership related issues
Ensure enhancing the Bank visibility and image through relationship building with major partners, in collaboration with the relevant Departments
Represent the IDB Group in meetings and conferences related to the functions of the Division
Build awareness on the IDBG’s development and partnership agenda and programs and respond to queries
Promote best practices to assess and enhance the effectiveness of the Bank’s partnership and cooperation arrangements; assess the effectiveness of IDBG partnerships with its partners, and develop recommendations; accordingly develop strategies and mechanisms to strengthen, promote, and to increase effectiveness.

Reporting & Communications
Provide regular reports to management that include on one hand insights, analysis and forecasts on the Division’s performance and results and on another hand the situation, developments, and perspectives
Collaborate with the Department Director and Division Manager and to draft the Regional and Economic Integration and Partnership Chapter for insertion into the Bank’s Annual Report
Communicate results achieved, performance, and lessons learnt within the Division as well as to the Management, relevant bodies, partners and other key stakeholders
Provide up-to-date and regular briefs on cooperation with partner institutions for management information/consideration.

QUALIFICATION / EXPERIENCE: Degree in International Relations / Political Science / Business Management / or related field
Bachelor with 15 years experience in similar role/level
Master with 12 years experience in similar role / level
Doctorate with 10 years work experience in similar role / level
Advance Certification

Technical Skills:
Excellent diplomatic (particularly multilateral diplomacy) and communication, influencing, interpersonal and negotiating skills
Advanced negotiating skills
Programing and program monitoring and management skills
Manage stakeholders in senior positions as required for the role.
Advanced knowledge of global development agenda, partnership platforms and mechanisms
Advanced Knowledge of international organizations’ (UN, IFIs, regional organizations, bilateral donors, etc.) functions, roles, rules and procedures.
Advanced knowledge of multilateral diplomacy/negotiations, confidence and consensus building
Demonstrated experience in the broader field of communication (e.g. PR, Marketing, etc.)
Basic understanding of socio-economic development, especially poverty reduction, and sustainable development and growth
Basic knowledge of economics
Advanced knowledge and experience of public relations, forging partnerships and strategic networking
Advanced knowledge and experience of advocacy development initiatives and poverty reduction themes.

Fluent in English is requirement
Arabic preferred
French preferred

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