Head of Project Management – Siemens AG

What are my responsibilities?
Plans, directs, supervises, and controls project operations. Provides leadership to a team of Project Managers, Project engineers and technical specialists and is responsible for overall quality of installations, project costs and operation profitability. Responsibilities also include training and development of project personnel.
Monitor and control net sales and gross margin development and take proactive steps to meet and improve project gross margin target.
Develops and implements methods and processes to improve operational quality and customer satisfaction.
Plans and realizes of project strategy (acquisition, offering, contract negotiation, planning of all project details, execution, commissioning, and guarantee).
Co-ordinate with customers, consultants, main/sub-contractors and suppliers on project related work including obtaining confirmation and P.O. for variation work orders with the relevant parties.
Influences selection of project members and leads project team (job definition, clarification of competencies and responsibilities, target agreements, working conditions).
Sets up an efficient communication network (within the project team, project partners and customers, etc…).
Develops and retains key project staff through learning and development programs as well as regular coaching and mentoring sessions to cultivate employee motivation and satisfaction.
Manages claims and contracts (first-class handling of all claims, development of a claim strategy and realization plan, negotiations including contracting).
Manages risks and opportunities (analysis of project environment, identification and evaluation of additional business opportunities as well as project risks, definition of measures for realization of possible opportunities).
Finalizes and evaluates projects (handing over all project results to the customer, financial post calculation, managing of change requests, final project report, documentation of all project results and experiences).
Maintains and ensures all Quality and EHS related topics at all stages of all projects in the Kingdom.

What do I need to qualify for this job?
Degree in Engineering or equivalent industry experience.
Preferred PM@Siemens or equivalent external Project Management qualifications.
10 years, at least 5 years as Senior Project Manager with Leadership Experience and Intercultural Experience in hospital projects.
Familiar and able to read mechanical drawings/designs.
Positive attitude and works collaboratively as a team player.

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