General Counsel – Jeddah – Islamic Development Bank

To provide strategic and operational legal advice to the IDB Group members ensuring that all activities and operations are consistent with the constitutive documents and other legal instruments of the Group members, and the best practices of international development banking. The General Counsel partners with the Legal Department to address both short and long term legal matters and requirements of the IDB Group.

Contribute to strategic planning and decision-making at the Group level to develop and implement an organization-wide legal strategy that aligns with the Group’s vision and its current and long-term business objectives.
Develop, implement and monitor the General Counsel office’s business plans, KPIs, budgets and objectives.

Prepare papers and provide legal advice on all legal matters and issues under consideration by the BOG, BED and the Management (including interpretation of the Articles of Agreements and other basic documents of the members of the IDB Group, MoUs on cooperation with international institutions, member countries and institutions of member countries and any constitutional or legal development in member countries and the potential impact of these development on the current and future laws and regulations on the operation of the IDBG.
Provide institutional leadership on the formulation and modification of the Group’s governing statutes and regulations and policies as needed.
Advise and participate in the preparation of agreements (constative instruments) for the establishment of new member institutions of the IDB Group and Trusts and Special Funds.

Provide legal advice to the President and Group Management on matters related to the application and implementation of the Articles of Agreements, Bylaws and other basic documents, rules and regulations and applicability of the Shari’h Committee decisions in the IDBG activities or those matters requiring communication and interface with the Group Shariah Committee (GSC).
Be responsible for the activities of the Group Shari’ah Committee, to attend all meetings of the Committee (and as far as possible the meetings of the Sub-Committee of the Group Shari’ah Committee) and to report to the President, IDB about these meetings.
Oversee internal Shariah auditing process ensuring creation and compliance of the international standards and best practices.
Lead development and implementation of practical solutions to legal problems facing implementing the Group Shari’ah Committee decisions and recommendations in contracts and agreements and all activities of the IDB Group.

Review and assure, in partnership with the Legal Department, that all legal matters and issues under consideration by the BOG, BED, President and Group Management Committee are conducted according to the norms and standards adopted by the IDB Group and those that apply to a multilateral development institution.
Cooperate with the Legal Department, and ensure that there is no duplication or contradicting opinions.
Participate in the development of standard agreements for new modes of financing and improvement of the current ones.
To study with the Legal Department, legal constraints to the IDB’s activities and proposing suitable solutions.
To be in charge of all legal and Shari’ah matters relating to the IDB Sukuk Program and to participate in any update of the Program and all issuances thereunder and to be in charge of any new Sukuk Program whether at IDB or elsewhere.

Build and maintain relationships with international and regional law agencies and peers in other development institutions to keep abreast of changing laws and regulations and align the legal ractices of the IDB Group to international best practices.
Provide legal opinion and advice, upon request by the President, or members of the Management, on matters pertaining to the Group’s relationships with its member countries, partner institutions and counterparties.

Undertake studies and benchmarking for increasing efficiency and quality along the best practices.
Represent IDBG in multilateral and regional events and forums, policy discussions and dialogues,
conferences, and communities of practices.

Communicate with all VPs, Directors, and Heads of IDBG members on matters relating to specific transactions, agreement provisions, relationships and commitments vis-à-vis external parties, litigation, membership obligations, staff rights and relations, financial and operational risk exposures, BOG and BED-related issues.
Communicate intended results, results achieved, performance, insights and lessons learnt as well as to its Management, relevant governing bodies, partners and other key stakeholders.

Reasonable knowledge of Shariah especially in relation to Muaamlat.
If a graduate or trained in civil law system should have reasonable knowledge and exposure to the common law system.
Strong understanding of contracts, financing agreements and financial instruments utilised by IDB to ensure operations are in accordance with the principles of Islamic law (Shari’ah).
Is sought out to serve as an authority, ability to lead high-level client discussions providing legal technical advice to clients and partners, and to peer review the work of others.
Able to formalize relevant best practices and disseminate them in the Department.
Distinction in drafting complex legal documents both in Arabic and English.

Demonstrates expert legal judgment and consultancy skills; able to advise high-level officials and authorities confidently and effectively.
Extensive background in legal aspects of Project Finance, Banking Operations, Islamic Banking in-depth experience of development financing both public and private.
Understanding of emerging markets, practices, and legal issues and developments.
Reasonable knowledge of local and international law (across Member Countries) and ability to formulate legal opinions and advice to Senior Management of the IDBG.
Knowledge of various aspect of development banking business and operating models and knowledge of emerging finance industry trends and themes and best practices.

Law /preferably International, Commercial, Banking law (for Master & Ph.D)

English – Required
Arabic – Required
French – Preferred

Bar examination preferred

Master with 17 years relevant work experience
Doctorate with 15 years work experience

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