Back Office Coordinator – Al-Khubar – Siemens AG

What are my responsibilities?
Answer calls routed to the back office and transfer to appropriate staff member, sign for and distribute delivered packages, and coordinate and maintain records for staff office space, phones, parking, company credit cards and office keys.
Perform general clerical duties to include but not limited to: photocopying, faxing, emailing, reviewing and editing of documents, filing and record keeping.
Research prices and purchase office furniture and supplies, collect and maintain PC inventory, manage all other back office equipments and supplies as needed.
Schedule equipment usage, and monitor all back office equipment and ensure everything is in perfect working order, and serve as liaison with service personnel when and if ever repairs are needed.
Setup and coordinate meetings and conferences, maintain and distribute staff weekly schedules, and support staff in assigned project based work.
Assist in the hiring and interviewing of prospective applicants, provide office orientation for new employees and staff, facilitate training of new hires, and assist in the management of back office personnel.
Type various correspondence and reports from rough draft and compiled data, research and gather materials, assemble reports, and maintain and retrieve database information.
Coordinate appointments and meetings of clients and visitors by setting up their accommodation and entertainment arrangements, assist with special events and provide information for policies and procedures.
Perform managerial functions when the back office manager is absent. This includes assigning tasks and responsibilities, managing personnel, and keeping track of back office records and employees.
Assist the manager in the evaluation of back office staff and employee, manage personnel relationships, and serve as liaison in personnel disciplinary actions including suspension and termination.
Ensure quality of work of the back office department by reviewing all work submitted by each staff member and by implementing quality controls and procedures, and analyzing protocols and advising the manager on appropriate changes needed.

Communication capability, organizational capability, presentation capability
Professional experience in a service business in a relevant industry.
Tertiary degree in a technical, management and/or commerce discipline; technical understanding a pre-requisite.
Knowledge of English Language

What do I need to know?
Entrepreneurial spirit
Decision making
Business competence
Communication skills.
Network built on trust

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