Project Engineer / Technical Assistant – Riyadh – Siemens AG

What are my responsibilities?
Manage SYS document submission in accordance with the project schedule. Coordinate with team member to ensure the submission is undertaken timely.
Coordinate weekly On-Shore (Riyadh) SYS Engineering meeting, take note, prepare minutes, and distribute to the team members.
Compile On-Shore SYS Engineering personnel weekly timesheet.
Communicate/coordinate on regular basis with Off-Shore (Berlin) SYS Engineering administrative personnel, eg. weekly travel plan, workshops, engineering open items, etc.
Work closely with other administrative personnel in Riyadh for project specific tasks.
Provide support for SYS personnel in obtaining various supporting documents required for administrative purposes, eg. visa application, invitation letter, etc.
Maintain/manage open letters that need to be responded by SYS. Follow-up on action required to close out the open letters.
Support the implementation of Siemens OHS policy and procedures to ensure compliance with OHS and Injury Management legislation and promote the development of a safe work culture.
Actively engage in fair and equitable workplace practices and behaviours to ensure a discrimination free workplace in accordance with legislative requirements.
Promote and implement Siemens environmental policy and procedures in order to minimise the impact of Siemens business on the environment.

What do I need to qualify for this job?
Maintaining effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work tasks or the work environment; adjusting effectively to work within new work structures, processes, requirements, or cultures.
Staying with a position or plan of action until the desired objective is obtained or is no longer reasonably attainable
Establishing courses of action for self and others to ensure that work is completed efficient.
Effectively exploring alternatives and positions to reach outcomes that gain the support and acceptance of all parties
Taking action to maximize the contribution of own area to the company’s profitability and growth. This involves constantly looking for opportunities to improve business performance; managing business operations to maintain competitive advantage; making cost benefit decisions; using “business savvy” and consideration of organisational constraints and resources.
Developing and using collaborative relationships to facilitate the accomplishment of project objectives.
Accomplishing tasks by considering all areas involved, no matter how small; showing concern for all aspects of the job; accurately checking processes and tasks; being watchful over a period of time.
Setting up ongoing procedures to collect and review information needed to manage an organisation or ongoing activities within it.
Actively participating as a member of a team to move the team toward the completion of goals
Clearly conveying information and ideas through a variety of media to individuals or groups in a manner that engages the audience and helps them understand and retain the message.
Tertiary qualifications and/or extensive industry experience in project management and business related fields.
Highly developed skills in the use of personal computers and computer software packages including Microsoft Word, Excel and advanced competency in PowerPoint.
Excellent oral and written communication and organisational skills.
Understanding of project management processes and of the computer based systems used to manage these systems.
Knowledge of records management principles and associated document control software packages.
Awareness of Siemens policies and procedures.
Understanding and experience with Quality management principles.

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