Motor Mechanic – Dammam – Siemens AG

What are my responsibilities?
Read job card to determine: Job status, work authorization/limitations, description of problems and/or expected serviceability
Test electro-mechanical equipment to troubleshot know or suspected problems
Disassembly electro-mechanical equipment noting parts identifications, configuration and condition
Clean electro-mechanical equipment assemblies
Measure replacement parts. Correctly requisition needed item from store as approved by supervisor
Replace or repair worn or defective mechanical or electro-mechanical assemblies
Retest reassembled electro-mechanical equipment for proper output and operation
Complete required paper work for each job accurately and on timely basis
Operate specialized repair and test equipment
Perform other skilled or non-skilled duties are directed by supervisor

What do I need to qualify for this job?
At least three-years experience in overhauling motors/generators
Ability to read, write and speck the English language.
Basic mechanical aptitude
Able to work independently with minimum supersession
Less than 35 years old
Have a valid driving license

What do I need to know?
Basic motor knowledge
Basic testing knowledge
English language

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