BMS Engineer – Exclusively – Siemens AG

What are my responsibilities?
Handles testing, commissioning, software programming and supervision on site for Siemens systems, i.e BMS, Fire, Access Control Systems, IDAS and Video Management System based on project plans, specifications, and contract documents.
Check specifications, and contract to determine project requirements.
Prepares submittals containing schematics, descriptions and technical literature as required.
Actively gathering information on the customer and the customer’s requirements/targets, engaging the customer in decision-making and providing regular information, managing customer expectations and concluding the project to the satisfaction of the customer
Identifying and creating additional opportunities for strengthen customer commitment and market position, where applicable
Ensuring efficient communication with all relevant stakeholders, agreeing targets with project staff.
Support EHS manager/officer in developing project EHS plan in accordance with Siemens guidelines and customer requirements

What do I need to qualify for this job?
Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics, Electrical and IT Engineering or equivalent
Minimum of 1-2 years technical experience in Low Current Security Systems.
Knowledge in IT infrastructure design

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