Information Security Officer – Nesma & Partners

Job Description
• To secure Nesma Digital and IT Assets in order to bring Nesma information security risks under explicit management control through the Information Security Management System.
• Develop policies and procedures for business continuity planning, loss prevention & fraud prevention and privacy
• Identify security initiatives and standards
• Oversee network of vendors and directors who secure Nesma assets & safeguard intellectual property and computer systems
• Ensure security is maintained and updated and develop procedures to ensure physical safety of employees and visitors
• Manage the development and implementation of global security policy, standards, guidelines and procedures
• Prioritize security initiatives and develop network access and monitoring policies
• Investigate security breaches and develop emergency procedures and incident responses
• Conduct audits and develop risk management assessments
• Create global security policy, standards, guidelines and procedures to ensure ongoing maintenance of security
• Compliance with facility policies, procedures and practices and ensuring alignment with company policies

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