Manager Training Division – Jeddah – Islamic Development Bank

Role Purpose:
To provide the leadership, direction and coordination of activities for the Training Division in the Islamic Finance Capacity Development Department. To perform day-to-day operational decisions, ensuring the Division achieves its results and that it fully contributes to the delivery of the Department goals. To ensure IRTI provides an effective learning, training and capacity development services in Islamic Economics and Finance to personnel engaged in development activities in the IDB Member countries as well as for those working in Islamic Economics and Finance institutions. To supervise the provision of IRTI’s On Line Learning Programs (OLP) in Islamic Economics and Finance to enhance knowledge and skills of interested individuals, institutions and stakeholders in IDB Member and Non-member Countries.

Key Accountabilities and Activities:
Strategy Implementation and Operational Planning

Participate in the development of the Department strategy, budget and business planning processes.
Create and implement actionable Training Division short to medium term operational plans and budgets with operational KPIs linked to the Department strategy.
Co-ordinate the Training Division’s activities so that it effectively utilises its resources, manages its priorities, and is able to be both responsive and proactive
Developing Training Programs and Material

Initiate and develop innovative and effective Islamic Economics and Finance training programs and materials.
Organize the development of curricula and training course content and material based on research and policy findings in fields of Islamic banking and finance, macroeconomic management, human resources development and private sector development in collaboration with the Group Chief Economist, Sector Operation Complexes and the Islamic Financial Services Department.
Manage provision of IRTI’s On Line Learning Programs (OLP) in Islamic Economics and Finance to enhance knowledge and skills of interested individuals, institutions and stakeholders in IDB Member and Non-member Countries.
Manage provision of training programs for trainers in collaboration with training institutes and Universities.
Identify new opportunities, or identify emerging needs, for the delivery of training events.
Ensure quality, efficiency, impact and cost-effectiveness of training programs

Managing and Marketing Training Events

Organize the delivery or provision of learning and training events, such as seminars and workshops, to Group staff and personnel engaged in development activities in member countries as well as for those working in Islamic Economics and Finance institutions.
Oversee the organisation of IFSI conferences and workshops and forums with member country governments and development agencies
Cooperate with Sector Operation Complex, IFSD and member country representatives in defining eligibility or need for training programs and course content.
Responsible for developing evaluation reports on training courses, seminars, workshops, and feedback findings into future training design.
Identify and implement methods for encouraging the take-up and delivery of IRTI training courses, e.g. incentives.

People Management

Generate commitment, motivation and enthusiasm to Training Division goals, and guide Division members through periods of change or uncertainly.
Provide clear direction, prioritise tasks, assign and delegate responsibility and monitor the workflow
Plan, manage and review individual performance and provide regular feedback, development and coaching, taking prompt action where necessary.
Provide opportunities for Division members to suggest, participate in and contribute to improvement, innovation and knowledge sharing initiatives.
Ensure Training Division complies with IDB’s policies, processes, practices and systems.
Knowledge Sharing & Innovation

Manage, monitor and evaluate the Division’s on-going performance and quality of its outputs and services, identifying and initiating actions for improvement and innovation.
Build and develop productive inter-Divisional working relationships within IDB Group and with external partners for joint working and knowledge sharing.
Identify and implement ways to market and raise awareness of IRTI training events
Networking and Partnership

Represent IRTI in external events such as conferences and seminars related to IFSI.
Facilitate networking between universities through the Distance Learning Courses (DLCs) and other methods on Islamic Economics and Finance and contribute to the development of strategies on how to convert the DLCs into sustainable, organised learning networks
Reporting and Communication

Provide regular management reports with analysis and comment on Training Divisional performance and results.

Field of Study : Degree in Business Administration / Finance / Economics / Any relevant discipline.

15 years experience with Bachelor degree
12 years with Master degree
10 years with Doctorate degree
Certification : Relevant certification is preferred.

Technical Skills and Necessary Knowledge:
Technical Skills :
Strategic Planning skills.
People Management

Necessary Knowledge
Experience in Islamic Economics and Finance
Detailed knowledge of Islamic Economics and Finance
Knowledge of Training needs and development

Languages :
English : Fluent in English Required
Arabic : Preferred
French: Preferred

Client Centricity & Stakeholder Management
Motivation to Learn and Share Knowledge
Drive for Results
People and Leadership Management
Communication and Building Partnerships
Solutions & Result Management
Innovation & Future Orientation
International Mindset and Multicultural Sensitivity
Change & Transition Management
Analytical Thinking
Problem Solving
Bank Knowledge
Economic Analysis and Assessment
Facilitation and Evaluation
Islamic Finance

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