Manager Project and Special Evaluation Division – Jeddah – Islamic Development Bank

Role Purpose:
To provide leadership, direction and coordination of activities for the Project and Special Evaluation Division. To take the day-to-day operational decisions, ensuring the Division achieves its results and that it fully contributes to the delivery of the department goals.To manage and control the activities of the Project Evaluation Division related to the evaluation of selected IDB Group projects and operations for accountability and learning in order to provide insights and recommendations to maximize the effectiveness and impact of the group’s development activities for its beneficiaries.

Key Accountabilities and Activities:
Evaluation Strategy and Planning
Provide inputs in setting the strategic objectives of the Group Operations Evaluations Department.
Plan and prioritize projects for evaluation purpose in consultation with IDB Group Complexes and Entities to assess the development effectiveness of IDBG’s interventions for Accountability and Learning.
Propose the annual work program and Prepare quarterly missions and activities programme of the Division.
Review the quality of the evaluation designs and perform quality control to ensure validity and precision of the content and compliance with quality standards and quality assurance mechanism and guidelines.
Ensure that Project Evaluation Missions are planned and prepared on time and within allocated resources and as per IDB Group policies and procedures.
Ensure the use of adequate evaluation principles, approaches and tools for conducting evaluation of Group projects.
Ensure Quality peer reviews are undertaken for Project Level Evaluations reports.
Ensure that the preparation of Project Evaluation Reports is planned timely.
Coordinate planning for joint evaluations and harmonization of activities with other development partners.
Coordinate with the Country and Sector Evaluation Division for synergy, cross-fertilization and learning.
Take day to day decisions relating to project level evaluations
Evaluation Implementation and Monitoring
Monitor the implementation the quarterly work programmes and field missions to ensure the annual work plan is timely implemented.
Ensure Implementation of the Missions and Activities Programmes for the Division.
Review and Clear Questionnaires and Correspondences addressed beneficiary institutions and other relevant stakeholders.
Monitor the progress and quality of evaluations conducted by staff members as they relate to selected Group projects and ensure that the findings and recommendations are useful, and credible.
Monitor progress of project level evaluation work to ensure adherence to the schedules and take remedial action in case of delays.
Monitor the preparation of the project level evaluation reports and their submission to the various stakeholders.
Review evaluation products and perform quality control to ensure validity and precision of the content and compliance with quality standards and quality assurance mechanism and guidelines.
Monitor and assess the quality, adequacy and effectiveness of the project level evaluation processes, systems, methods, tools and guidelines to ensure alignment with the Department’s objectives and compliance with good practice standards in evaluation.
Knowledge Sharing , Reporting, Communication and Innovation
Ensure Project Level Evaluation Products are finalized and disseminated
Coordinate Communication and interaction with internal and external stakeholders on project-level evaluation findings.
Ensure communication of intended results, results achieved, performance, and lessons learnt within the Division as well as to the Management, relevant bodies, partners and other key stakeholders, particularly member country governments, private sector and development partners.
Oversee drawing of lessons from project-level evaluation studies and ensure that lessons learned are well documented and relevant to IDB Group Complexes and Entities and to the member countries.
ensure dissemination and introduction of the best practices to the relevant IDBG departments in handling of projects to lead the way for enhancing existing systems and products, building on lessons learned and relevant recommendations articulated in the evaluation reports.
Communicate and share information, reports and feedback with the Department Director, IDB Group Complexes and Entities, key stakeholders through internal and external communication channels including publication of selected evaluation reports and of useful dissemination materials (flyers, articles, newsletters, etc.) on hard and online.
Provide input on project evaluation activities related to the Division for the preparation of the Annual Evaluation Report and the Annual Review of Development Effectiveness covering all evaluations undertaken in that year.
Ensure provision of inputs for preparation of the Annual Report of IDB and IDB Group Entities.
Oversee training and workshops designed for internal and external stakeholders to disseminate knowledge and develop evaluation capacity.
Attends relevant conferences and meetings on evaluation matters at local and international levels.
Contribute to the institutional capacity development efforts via publications and presentations of the relevant evaluations.
Provide opportunities for team members to contribute to improvement, innovation and knowledge sharing initiatives.
Engage, communicate and collaborate with the broader team in the IDB Group to enhance the rigour of advice on projects related issues.
Ensure Production and dissemination of development effectiveness knowledge and trends for IDB Group and Member Countries.
Provide regular management reports that include on one hand insights, analysis and forecasts on the Division’s performance and results and on another hand the situation, developments, and perspectives.

Advisory :
Contribute to the presentation of evaluation findings to the Board highlighting achievements and shortcomings and recommending necessary actions to strengthen development effectiveness of IDBG interventions, policies, processes and procedures.
Ensure provision of advice and support to the IDB Group Complexes and Entities in the implementation of recommendations stemming from evaluation findings to improve the design and implementation of future projects and to increase the efficiency and adequacy of Group’s internal processes and service delivery mechanisms.
Ensure that Management responds to recommendations of evaluations conducted by the Division and monitor the implementation of agreed upon actions.
Advise internal and external stakeholders in the implementation of recommendations based on evaluation findings to improve future operations.
Monitor implementation of and adherence to GOED’s recommendations and call for remedial action wherever necessary.
Ensure provision of inputs in the development of IDB Group policies, guidelines, systems, procedures and tools related to project level evaluation, ensuring alignment with Good Practise Standards.
Ensure that evaluation results are taken into account in the IDB Group policies, strategies and operations, in coordination with concerned IDB Group Complexes and Entities.
Provide advice on development effectiveness to IDB Group and MCs.
Ensure provision of advice and support in development evaluation knowledge sharing and capacity building of Member Countries to contribute in the improvement of development effectiveness of IDBG interventions.
People Management
Generate and sustain commitment, motivation and enthusiasm of the staff of the Division to achieve the Department goals, and guide Division staff members through periods of change or uncertainly.
Provide clear direction, prioritise tasks, assign and delegate responsibility and monitor the workflow.
Plan, manage and review individual performance and provide regular feedback, development and coaching, taking prompt action where necessary.
Provide opportunities for Division staff members to suggest, participate in and contribute to improvement, innovation and knowledge sharing initiatives.
Ensure the Division staff members comply with IDB’s policies, processes, practices and systems.

Qualification & Experience: Degree in Engineering/Economics / International Development / Social Sciences/ Finance /or other relevant disciplines
Bachelor degree with 15 years experience.
Master degree with 12 years experience.
Ph.D with 10 years of experience
Specialized professional training on Development Evaluation is preferred.

Specific Technical Skills:
Extensive experience in development projects appraisal, implementation and evaluation.
Advanced knowledge of theories, concepts, methodologies and approaches relevant to evaluation and result based management in international development settings
In-depth understanding of development policy issues and socio-economic context of developing countries
Good advocacy, negotiating and diplomatic skills.
Ability to influence and resolve differences across organizational boundaries.
Vast experience in an international or regional development institution.
Full awareness of development issues.
Advanced planning and organization skills.
Advanced people management skills.
English in required.
Arabic is preferred
French is preferred.

Building Relationships
Client Centricity and Responsiveness
Motivation to Learn and Share
Passion for Excellence.Analytical Thinking
Communication Effectiveness
Drive for Results
Knowledge, Learning and Communication
Problem Solving
Stakeholder Management / Client Orientation
Strategic Planning
Change & Transition Management
Leadership and People Management
Solutions and Result Management
Innovation and Future Orientation
International Mindset and Multicultural Sensitivity
Building Partnerships and Collaboration
Economic Analysis and Assessment
Monitoring and Reporting
Bank Knowledge
Islamic Finance
Knowledge management and dissemination
Project Management
Quality Management
Development Effectiveness
Development Evaluation

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