Director Islamic Finance Capacity Development Department – Jeddah – Islamic Development Bank

To provide strategic direction, motivational leadership and operational oversight for the Islamic Finance Capacity Development Department. Determine the strategy for the Department, set and deliver ambitious objectives that enable IRTI to achieve its goals, and take the significant operational decisions. To provide leadership in the promotion of the development of the Islamic Financial Sector and related institutions in Member Countries through the provision of learning and development and information repositories, in collaboration with relevant other business units in the IDB Group and external Islamic Finance research institutions. To lead the publication and dissemination of research and other knowledge outputs through different mediums and channel.

KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES & ACTIVITIES: Strategy and policy development, and operational management
Lead the formulation, development and implementation of the Islamic Finance Capacity Development Department strategy in support of IDBG’s goals and in response to emerging trends or client/customer needs.
Drive the development of Islamic Financial Services Industry (IFSI) through training, On Line Learning Programs and information services.
Develop, implement and monitor the Islamic Finance Capacity Development Department’s business plans, KPIs, budgets and objectives; provide regular management reports that include insight, analysis, forecasting and comment on Department performance and results.
Identify opportunities and champion initiatives that enable the Islamic Finance Capacity Development Department to increase its impact or to deliver innovative and differentiated services, encouraging Department members to fully contribute to achieve its goals.
Ensure the Islamic Finance Capacity Development Department works effectively, proactively and with urgency across IDB Group and externally to ensure the delivery of joint services/results that meet IDB Group’s interests.
Ensure strategic alignment and quality of IRTI produced training courses and programs, conferences and seminars

Provision of training
Coordinate provision of training programs for trainers in collaboration with training institutes and Universities.
Oversee the development of curricula, training courses and e-Programs materials based on research and policy findings in fields of Islamic banking and finance, macroeconomic management, human resources development and private sector development in collaboration with the relevant IDB Group members.
Organize provision of learning and training events, such as seminars and workshops to IDB Group and member country personnel engaged in socio-economic development activities.
Oversee the organisation of IFSI conferences and policy oriented workshops and forums with member country governments and development agencies.
Identity new opportunities and methods to deliver training programs and events

Information services
Oversee the department’s role as a provider of a global knowledge repository in IDB Group for Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance, including maintaining an online data and information repository for the Islamic Financial Services industry including banking, non-banking, Sharia and other publications.
Ensure the effective collection, systematization and dissemination of information through various mediums in fields related to Islamic Economics and Finance.
Oversee maintenance and development of information systems, such as IFIIS, and other information systems assigned to IRTI.
Oversee the management of organization and moderation of expert forums and communities in member countries.
Responsible for development and on-going maintenance of effective information databases and its access by relevant groups and individuals.
Responsible for the custodian of IRTI’s copyrights and intellectual properties

Promoting IFSI Services
Lead and facilitate effective department coordination and cooperation with other IDB Group departments and internal stakeholders to raise awareness on IFSI matters.
Lead the development and support of external IFSI research and training institutions in member and non-member countries.
Initiate organization of symposia, conferences and seminars to promote policy dialogue and to create Islamic Economics and Finance knowledge sharing opportunities.
Represent IRTI in external events such as conferences and seminars related to IFSI.
Oversee organization of programs that promote Islamic Economics and Finance, such as IDB Prize in Islamic Economics and Banking, Encouragement and Promotion Program, IDB Prize Lecture Series, IRTI Shari’ah Lectures, and Visiting Scholars Scheme.
Relationship Management
Initiate and implement new ways for raising the profile, influence and impact of IRTI.
Lead the commercialisation of IRTI services, and benchmark IRTI’s services against comparative services, including price, service levels and products.
Continually scan the external environment to identify opportunities for IRTI to increase its role.
Ensure the Department is the focal point of contact for Islamic Economics and Finance matters to member country representatives and other interested institutions and groups.
Take a proactive role in IDB’s Community of Practice such as Poverty Alleviation, Islamic Financial Sector Development, Development Effectiveness and other IDB Group wide initiatives.
Ensure the effective promotion of IRTI activities and achievements to stakeholders.

Networking and Partnership
Develop partnerships with academic, research and training institutions and standard setting bodies at local, regional and global levels to promote and accomplish IRTI’s goals.
Establish strong synergies and networks within the IDB Group (especially Chief Economist, Operations and IFSI Department) and provide support and coordination with government and development partners in Member Counties in matters related to IFSI.
Ensure networking between universities through On Line Learning Programs and webinars on Islamic Economics and Finance and develop strategies on how to convert the programs into sustainable, organised learning networks.
Governance and Systems
Develop and manage the development and implementation of standards, policies and processes for performance of the rituals, shipping, distribution, warehousing, and operation and maintenance of assets, equipment, veterinarian services, safety and security, and environment.
Ensure that all the department services are provided effectively, aligned with best practices and guidelines, and utilized in an efficient and cost-effective manner to support the Project’s business needs.
Define clear Project-wide roles, responsibilities and accountabilities, along with matching authorities, to provide a structure that would strengthen accountabilities at all levels of the Project

People management
Provide motivational and inspirational leadership for the Islamic Finance Capacity Development Department, and communicate to Division Managers clear performance expectations.
Manage the performance and resources of the Islamic Finance Capacity Development Department through delegation of responsibility, setting stretch objectives and providing regular feedback on results at a Department and Division level, promptly addressing areas of underperformance.
Monitor and assess the skills and capabilities of the Islamic Finance Capacity Development Department, and determine the actions needed to increase the Department’s impact or to resolve capability gaps.
Coach, mentor and develop the Division Managers and the top talent/high potentials in the Islamic Finance Capacity Development Department succession plan for key roles.

Knowledge Sharing and Innovation
Identify, recommend and implement sponsorship of local, sub-regional, and regional training workshops and seminars to increase the sharing of experience and knowledge among the concerned stakeholders.
Raise awareness of IDB on a regional platform, forge new relationships with key regional players and present new, innovative solutions and opportunities.
Develop publications, convene meetings, and undertake studies and benchmarking to promote awareness and harmonize activities with other MDBs on best practices in the area.
Ensure appropriate follow up, undertake reporting on the effectiveness of projects in achieving their objectives, and disseminate lessons learnt.
Represent IDB in multilateral and regional events and forums, e.g., coordination and consulting meetings, policy discussions and dialogues, conferences, and communities of practices.

Reporting and Communication
Analyse and prepare regular monitoring reports on projects portfolio and operation and maintenance work, and suggest measure for improvement of Operations Area’s impact.
Communicate intended results, results achieved, performance, and lessons learnt within the Project as well as to its Management, relevant governing bodies, partners and other key stakeholders.
Act as a role model to communicate to Department members IDB’s values and leadership competencies; provide direction and support in times of change.
Coordinate and analyse evaluation reports on training courses, seminars, workshops and e-Programs and feedback findings into future course design.
Ensure public communications services for IRTI including publicizing and promoting IRTI activities using all media platforms.

QUALIFICATION / EXPERIENCE: Field of Study : Degree in Business Administration / Economics / Islamic Finance / any relevant discipline.
20 years with Bachelor
17 years with Master
15 years with Doctorate

Technical Skills and Necessary Knowledge: Technical Skills :
Knows the various approaches and elements for development in in one or more sub-topics
Proven ability to lead high-level client discussions as well as deeper application in at least one of the sub-topics
Is sought out to serve as an authority and / or to peer review the work of others, technical advice to clients, partners
Able to formalize relevant best practices and disseminates them in the Project and to the Project’s clients and other partners involved.
Broad knowledge of IT systems and their applications
Necessary Knowledge :
Detailed knowledge of Islamic Economics and Finance required
In-depth knowledge of relevant Shari’ah regulations
Experience in training and development methods
Knowledge of various aspect of development banking business and operating models and knowledge of market trends and best practices
Development Incubation/Innovation and Venturing
Strong experience providing executive level support to multiple stakeholders
Knowledge of the development industry in particular development needs of the region and cooperation for regional integration, etc..
Knowledge of the IDB Group’s Vision, Strategies, Products, Internal Processes, Standards, Policies and Procedures, Services and Business Environment

Client Centricity & Stakeholder Management
Motivation to Learn and Share Knowledge
Drive for Results
Change & Transition Management
Communication and Building Partnerships
Solutions & Result Management
Innovation & Future Orientation
International Mindset and Multicultural Sensitivity
Analytical Thinking
Problem Solving
Bank Knowledge
Economic Analysis and Assessment
Facilitation and Evaluation
Islamic Finance

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